Hojin In


Hi, my name is Hojin In. I have always seen art and design as entrepreneurial. I made toys, pencil cases, sugar candy, whatever I could to sell to my friends. I learned at an early age that I could identify what others wanted and evoke desire, just like the brands I admired. As an industrial designer, I strive to innovate everyday-carry products and softgoods. I am obsessed with the classics yet excited for the future and want to redefine timeless aesthetics through the scope of modern technology. In order to push the boundaries and explore the future of wearable brands, I want to find the balance between iconic visuals and innovative function. It’s all about creating desire.

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  • Gallery/Exhibit

    Student Gallery
    Exploring Future Materials, Spring 2019
    Brand 'PALACE' headphone design, Fall 2016
    Re-imagined luggage cart for LAX, Fall 2016
    Portable work space for college students, Spring 2016