James Gildea


Hi there, I am James Gildea! Making a martini for the global creative director at Google was maybe the best drink I’ve ever made. I discovered that day that my love for hands on carpentry and the creative process could be a career in the design field. Starting in advertising, I was interested in the conversation between brands and people, but my move to product design allowed me to design direct solutions. As a designer, I want to bring clarity to the murky start, understanding the details and the big picture in order to directly impact the needs of people. Whether I’m working on soft or hard goods, I combine technical solutions with the human experience, one that considers performance, ergonomics, functionality and longevity. Material innovation, 3D modeling and rapid prototyping, allow me to design adaptive and practical solutions that solve real problems for real people.

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  • Gallery/Exhibit

    TU Delft Faculty of Architecture BK Hall
    Naarden Garden
    Delft, Netherlands
    April, 2019


    Sustainability Award
    TU Delft Faculty of Architecture
    In recognition of Naarden Garden
    March 2019


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