Jordan Guerrero


Hi, my name is Jordan Guerrero. From my early Waldorf education, walking through the English forest in a homemade rainbow sweater to the structure and rigidity of a Catholic high school, I learned how to find opportunities for creativity within constraints. So, I joined the Army. For me, inspiration comes from exploration of thought, storytelling and resistance. I screw around a lot until an idea feels grounded and is ready to be something to touch, to experience, or connect with on a sensory level. In order to build a meaningful relationship with an object, people need to feel that they have been deeply considered. I want people to have the ability to experience a moment that allows them to engage more deeply, maybe see something new, and understand why the object exists. Portrait by Serenity Walker (@aunty_fish)

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    Student Gallery
    Greeting Mirror - 2018
    Mirror Chess Board - 2019
    Tea Light Bouquet - 2019