Kimberly Handoko


Hello! I’m Kim Handoko and I am from Java, Indonesia. I was the hyper kid that was always taking things apart and putting them back “together” in different ways- my favourite the velociraptor joan of arc. My interest in creating and problem solving led to a degree in mechanical Engineering with a focus in robotics and the eventual path to design. I love possibilities. I design from the ground up, synthesizing hard data and combining it with human need in order to create change and find pockets of opportunity. Whether I’m creating a system, a brand, a strategy, or a product, I want to take things apart and put them back together in a way that is more useful, purposeful and joyful.

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    ArtCenter Design Matters
    Building Trust, Bridging Divides for the LBPD
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    ArtCenter Design Matters
    For the Future: Connecting Underserved Young Parents With Vital Resources
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