Robert Cheng


Hi, Nice you to meet you. My name is Robert Cheng. Growing up in Taiwan, in a manufacturing family, I was always aware of business analytics and the science of making. I absorbed the fast-paced, intensive collaboration and the bringing together of multiple components in order to bring industry to the user. This started my creative journey in design. As an industrial designer, I’m strategic. I document, I find structure, I deconstruct, I go wide, I refine and synthesize, in order to connect the dots and find new opportunities. Designing a strategy is about finding a balance between possibility and reality, ultimately bridging the gap between business and users. Using tools such as ideation, rapid prototyping and UI/UX, I am able to design for each unique context in a way that is elevated and brings value to both people and business.

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  • Gallery/Exhibit

    MOCA Featured Designer Exhibition
    Ventus (Public outdoor Installations)
    Los Angeles, CA
    December 2015

    Student Gallery
    Cadence (English Dressage Saddle), Spring 2016
    Bat Mobile movie concept, Summer 2015
    MoMa Home design series, Summer 2014


    IDSA Finalist - Spark Bronze Award
    In recognition of Cadence (English Dressage Saddle)