Shey Ni


Hey! I’m Shey Ni. I was a creative kid that grew up in a family of doctors. Whether it was car shopping with my Dad or being seduced by my Mom’s beauty product packaging, I was always aware that physical design played on my emotions. I was obsessed. As a designer I understand how to create the psychology of desire. Through the visuals- dynamic styling, powerful color choices and sexy materials, I want my designs to spark an emotional response. I explore the concepts, broad and odd, discovering the unexpected findings that lead to the creation of compelling ideas for a brand or a product. Constraints allow me to identify problems and create an interaction that is fresh and exciting. By deeply understanding the needs of people and the brands they love, want can become need.

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    Student Gallery
    ‘Only’ Fragrance System 2018
    Nike ‘Shift’ Shoe 2016
    ‘Quench’ Bird Bath 2015