Echo Kao


Directions are considered,
paths are made,
progress is recorded,
and lessons are learned,
to shape the world we know.

Value evolves from an embryonic stage.
To me, a designer engages the world for a better tomorrow one step at a time:
To find the right means to tell the stories that matter;
To listen and reflect on a daily basis;
To keep moving forward and refresh one’s understanding;
To embrace different cultures and socio-economic circumstances;
To maximize impact with minimal resources, showing gratitude for our world and her residents.

I try to listen carefully to my emotions and search for richness to life and desires of the soul.
A design will become complete in the minds of people.
When the value of a work transcends itself and springs from the changes it causes in the state of mind of its audience,
the new value is born.

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    MINI + BMW Group Designworks
    China, 09/11-10/11
    CMT Research, China Insights, Planning & Coordination
    Color Materials and Trends research and theme development for MINI.

    BMW Group Designworks
    Newbury Park, 05/11-10/11
    CMF and Design Internship
    Assisted design and research for clients including: BMW, MINI, Pilatus, HP, BART, A+D Museum, John Deere.

    Karten Design
    Marina DelRay, 05/10-09/10
    Industrial Design Internship
    Assisted design and research for clients including: Duracell, Magtek, Simplehuman, Carefusion

    Los Angeles, 03/09-PRSNT
    Brand Identity Development

    KuaiMei Printing Press and Web Design
    Guangzhou, 06/07-09/07
    Web design

    Canton Fair
    Guangzhou, 04/07-05/07
    Client Associate & Coordinator (Bi-lingual operation)

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    Art Center College of Design Scholarship Recipient

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