Steve Shin


When you grow up moving from place to place, you pick up a few things. These lessons, often learned the hard way, have shaped me as a person and, by extension, as a designer:

  1. "Always pack light": Prioritize what's most important. You can't have it all and if you try, you'll be over burdened by things you never needed in the first place.
  2. "It's tough in the beginning, but gets better later": It can be a struggle when everything is new and unfamiliar. When you're quick to adapt however, the path becomes clear and wide.
  3. "It's hard to say good-bye, but learn to let go": Recognize when it's time to part. It's okay to be sad, disappointed, or even angry but clinging on too tightly hurts everyone involved.
  4. "Independence is good, but you can't do everything yourself": Being self sufficient can make you strong, but working with others can make you happy.
  5. "Take a chance": You may be pleasantly surprised.

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    CC Inc
    Design Intern, 2011

    Tama Art University
    Pacific Rim Program, 2010

    JET Program
    Instructor, 2006-2007

    Waseda University
    EAP, 2003

    Yonsei University
    EAP, 2002

  • Awards and Publications

    Art Center Scholarship

    Art Center Student Gallery
    Lumina Chandelier, Procom Helmet, Bandai Toys

    Car Styling Magazine 195
    Procom Helmet

    Spiral Art Gallery
    NIWA Home Life Products

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